Quit Smoking – A Joke About Smoking

If you heard this one stop reading…ok?

So have you heard the story of the smoker with the unlit cigarette? Well as you know smoking is banned in most places even certain bars. One day I saw this guy in a bar with an unlit cigarette that he would put in his mouth, flicking the imaginary ash and generally acting like he was smoking the cigarette. So I asked him about this only to learn that this was his approach to keeping his hands busy and therefore, as he put it, keeping his weight down.

Isn’t that the funniest thing you ever heard?

(P.S. this is a joke which is funnier if you tell it in the first person…I never met this guy in a bar…but the story is still funny!). [widget id=”related_widget-1256023952″]related_widget-1256023952[/widget]



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