Quit Smoking – Smoking is NOT a Choice

On Oct 1st I chose to go to the midnight premier of The Social Network (2010). I had a great time. Another weekend I went to the state fair with my wife and daughter and had a blast. In both instances I made a choice to do something. There is common belief that smokers can also “choose” to smoke.

What can be more American than the freedom of choice, right? This is an example of the brainwashing that happens in smokers mind. Sure maybe you made a choice the first time you lit-up a cigarette. However, five or ten years later if you are still smoking it is not about you choosing to smoke anymore. Unless you think a crackhead “chooses” to do crack or an alcoholic “chooses” to drink.

Smokers are trapped in an addiction. And the sooner they are able to realize that smoking is an addiction and not a choice the sooner they can quit for good.

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