Quit Smoking – When To Try Chantix (varenicline)?

(Please imagine time travel music and special effect) I am sitting listening to another lecture during medical school.  And trying hard not to fall asleep as the instructor talked and talked for what seemed like an eternity. (I was never good a listening to lectures.)

But then he made a statement: “…the number one thing any person can do to improve their health is to quit smoking.” I immediately perked-up. He repeated the statement: “The number one thing anyone can do to immediately improve their health
is to quit smoking.”

That stayed with me of all the things I learned during medical school and since then I have always been interested in helping people quit smoking.

In 2006 I was thrilled when I heard about Chantix and immediately learned everything I could about this drug. I wanted to know the side effects and symptoms commonly experienced with Chantix. As I posted on my blog I began getting testimonials about the drug from some reader. At the time it was a blog on Blogger that has been taken down. (More on that later). I also included my personal experience with patients and other physicians who have used Chantix and posted them also.

My current feeling about Chantix (varenicline) is that it is effective for most people. However I believe that it should never be tried first because of the many side effects. And it probably should be the last alternative tried to quit smoking.
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