Quit Smoking – How The 80/20 Rule Applies?

The 80/20 rule tell us the that 80 percent of our success comes from 20 percent of what we do.

A pianist and two other musicians played in a number of local bars in Long Beach, California for about $90 per week in the 1930s. The band, a hit with locals, was just barely making it. Occasionally, the piano player would sing to the delight of his audience who loved his baritone voice. As customers demanded to hear more vocals pieces, the piano player reluctantly sang to accommodate his audience.

Soon the trio and the singing pianist where a huge sensation and the band began having greater success. A few years later the band recorded a number one hit, the pianist name was Nat King Cole and the song “Mona Lisa”.

The point of the story is that we always try to just do the 80 percent because it is what is easy, what we are comfortable doing, what everybody else is doing at the time. And we are reluctant to do the 20 percent that would make a real difference.

The trio and their music was 80 percent but Nat King Cole’s silky voice was the 20 percent that made the difference and propelled the group into stardom.

Are you satisfied with just doing the easy stuff? Or are you ready to take steps to really get the results you want?

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