Quit Smoking – A Child Who Smoke’s a Parent’s Dream?

Could you do me a favor please? Find a mother whose dream is to see her son or daughter grow-up to be the world’s greatest smoker…. It’s okay I’ll wait……

Or else find me someone who enjoys the smell of cigarette on their breath, on their clothes and in their hair?…It’s okay I’ll wait….

Chances are that there is no such person. Nobody likes smoking no matter what they may say.

Call it brainwashing, being tricked, delusional or call it Harry :)…but anyone who says they enjoy smoking are lying to themselves and to everybody else they meet.

That means that every single person who now smokes secretly wishes they never started. So when you finally quit smoking you will instantly become what every smoker secretly wants to be. You will become what your friends want to become – a non-smoker!

What do you have to lose? Just sign-up to the quit smoking tips (see sign-up form in top right hand corner) and I will help you get rid of cigarettes for good.
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