Quit Smoking – Stress and Smoking

A word about stress and smoking. Just about everyone who smokes has sometime or another said that it relieves their stress. It is so effective actually that people feel like they need to smoke to handle the stress in their lives. If you listen to carefully it almost sounds as if smokers have more stress in their lives than non-smokers and therefore they are justified in smoking.

And for almost a second they believe it too.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful of smokers. Because they are good people. But the idea that they need smoking to handle stress is just a lie. Was there no stress in their lives before smoking? Pure joy and bliss before they began smoking. If that is true then it is even a better reason to quit smoking.

But the truth is that everyone has stress in their lives and we handle it just fine with or without a cigarette in our hands.

Embrace the truth and it will lead you to freedom. Stop hiding behind the smoke.
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