A Marty Concern About Chantix

A reader is worried Chantix is changing her partner –

My Partner with my advice started taking CHANTIX to stop smoking.

But he has become a very different person he emotional tortures me! Call’s me names tells me I am no good and even after he stopped he still does it!

He was never like this we have been a couple almost 9 years this last year has been hell! He puts me down verbally non stop. He drinks with friends and verbally abuses me in front of them!

He cusses and calls me crazy now because” I haven’t taken it for almost 2 weeks.”

I love him but his verbal abuse is to much and he does not believe me about Chantix are there any studies that prove Chantix cause aggression and mood changes?

He is no longer the man I love. He is emotional, abuses and blames me!


Hello Marty,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Chantix has been know to cause mood swings according to the product insert. However not to the degree that you described in your partner.

I recommend you try to find another reason for your partner’s behavior or even to seek some counseling with him.


Dr. Howell

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