Chantix, Back Pain And Muscle Spasms

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I have been on Chantix for three weeks and have been having bladder problems and lower back pain and cramping in my bladder at night the Dr. put me on Cipro and no changes reading this info on your site is helpful but concerned that my Dr. is not looking after me on this drug closely she is a PA not a Dr. my dreams are very vivid but funny I also have a upset stomach after taking Chantix for an hour could this drug be making me sick what should i do next?

Thanks Connie

Dear Connie,

Even though Chantix is sometimes associated with back pain and muscle cramps (the bladder is basically a muscle), it is important that you tell you health provider or PA about these side effects first. Just to make sure it is not something else.

And yes Chantix is also the cause of vivid dreams although they are not usually scary dreams. Just vivid and a little strange.

Good luck with your quit smoking attempts.

Dr. Howell



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