Quit Smoking – Take Out The Trash

I met a patient last week who impressed me. She was a mother and wife who quit a pack and a half a day habit cold turkey. Now if you are reading this blog you know how impressive it is to quit a pack and a half habit cold turkey. It’s tough.

Nevertheless she did it. Kudos to her.

The problem was that since she quit smoking and had a baby she has gained some weight. She is 5’3″ tall and weighs 163 pounds (11.64 stones). She is a bit sad because she feels she cannot lose the weight. I looked at her and said “you just apply the same determination that helped you quit smoking to losing the weight.”

How could she be so strong in one aspect of her life and feel so powerless in another? The answer is the headtrash.

We all have some headtrash that prevents us from achieving things we are fully capable of doing. We have to take out the trash, sort of speaking to remove the inner obstacles that are stopping us.

There is a lot of headtrash surrounding smokers and what smoking means to them. If you don’t take out the trash you will be shackled forever.



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