“If You Love Someone Who Smokes”

If You Love Someone Who Smokes,Get Them To Watch This Video*

“If You Love Someone Who Smokes” is a video program made to get a person to quit smoking. Everyday, thousands of people try to quit. Some succeed. Most do not. Statistics show that scary medical videos just don’t work. Neither do “you’re a bad person” videos.

This film shows neither of those things. Instead, it tells the simple and profound story of two friends – NYC media guru Tony Schwartz, and NYC cop Ken McFeeley.

As McFeeley was dying of lung cancer at 46 years old, he decided to work with Schwartz to make this film to help others quit smoking. To date, thousands have quit after hearing McFeeley’s story, and Schwartz became known as “media central” for the anti-smoking cause.

“If You Love Someone Who Smokes” contains no medical details, no special “techniques” and it supports no specific drug solution. But for thousands of smokers, this video gives them the heart and the courage to quit– for the last time. The film does not scare or intimidate you. But once having seen it, you can never forget it. LINK.



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