The President Kicks The Habit

President Obama promised he would quit smoking while running for office three years ago.  At that time he was known as Senator Barrack Obama from Illinois (link).  As many successful smokers he was encouraged by his wife Michelle to give it up.  I imagine he wanted to set a good example for his daughters also.   But it was not easy.

By the presidents own admission he continued to sneak a smoke every once in a while (link). But the president did not give up and continued his attempts to quit smoking. As any president he is constantly under scrutiny and cannot escape the prying eyes. Which is good news because according to recent reports he has not been seen smoking for about nine months.

Recently Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer, an ex-smoker himself, congratulated President Obama for quitting smoking (link). As every leader should the president is leading by example.

President Obama’s example illustrates the very same thing I have been talking about in this blog. That even if you fail at first but you continue in your determination to quit smoking you will without any doubt succeed. You may even need some help.

Maybe a loved ones words of encouragement or even playful threat from a spouse. Anything that will get you to quit is welcomed. New beginnings are a wonderful time to quit.

With the coming New Year this is an excellent time to re-double your efforts and finally get that monkey off your back. I am willing to help you do that. Just complete the form on the top right of this blog and you will receive words of encouragement to help you quit smoking for life.



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