Testimonial re:Chantix Website by dakitten

Wow a drug company that also provides “live counseling”, now that is a first. But it is exactly what Pfizer is doing with their new quit smoking drug Chantix (varenicline).

…and visited their website.

They have an awesome site with all kinds of tools to assist me. There are activities for me to do each day, a log to maintain my smoking, they actually CALL me every day to see how I’m doing and encourage me. WOW!!!

Once I registered it had my own webpage that was designed specifically for me. I was really impressed out the layout. I am to visit the website each day for updated activities, fill in my log, get my new info, etc. So I went there first thing this morning.

One of the side effects sorta freaks me out tho. LOL… One of the frequent side effects is Gas!!! OMG, that is not a good thing. Well, me and the yorkie can take turns fumigating the house up I guess. At least with her around, I can always blame her!!



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