Top Ten Things To Do When You Feel The Urge to Smoke

10. Go for a walk – A little exercise would do wonders for you. You could even go to the mall or go shopping anything that will keep you hands, feet and mind moving in a different direction than wanting to smoke.

9. Have a relaxing shower – Or you can take a bath if you prefer. Just do something relaxing for the next 5 min. while the urge fades away.

Shower-Woman-Washing-Face-376308678. Have some water – A cool glass of water or two will help you do something else that is much healthier and will take about 5 min which is the amount of time you need to distract your mind and let the urge fade away.

7. Have some fruit – Heck! make a fruit salad and enjoy it. A nice medley of bananas, strawberries, melons, apples or grapes never did anyone any bad. And you will enjoy it which would release some endorphins in your brain and calm you and relax you until the urge is gone.

6. Take a deep breath – Slow deep breathing is an effective relaxation technique. (You could buy my relaxation CD here). So take a deep breath or two and then remind yourself “I don’t do that anymore.”

5. Chewing gum – Chewing some sugarless mint gum has helped countless of people take their mind off smoking. The added advantage is that is chewing is good for your gums and prevents you from over-eating also.

4. 5 minute rule – Most urges last about 5 minutes. Find some activity you can engage in for five minutes until the urge is gone.

3. Change something – If you usually smoke when you get upset or as a way to relax or to take a break then you just need to change the way you deal with those things. Develop ways of doing exactly what you want to do but this time change something – do it without a cigarette.

2. Read your WHY statement You can read over your quit statement to remind yourself of your resolve and step around this temporary hurdle.

1. Call your Quit BuddyAssign someone your quit buddy. It may be someone you know who wants to quit or someone you know won’t mind receiving a telephone call from you when moments like this arrive.

Remember: Each craving you resist strengthens you!



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