How Give Up Smoking Today Without Willpower

First of all it is not possible to quit without some willpower. I am not going to lie to you and say that you can because you cannot. You may be seduced by the liars, charlatans and snake oil salesman out there with promises of something for nothing but you will not read that crap here.

We specialize in truth here and straight talk. And the truth is the only way to quit smoking without willpower is to not to have started smoking in the first place.

How to give up smoking is not hard. As Mark Twain once said “I quit smoking a million times.” Yes, the quitting is easy the hard part is staying the course or to quit without coming back to the nicotine.

The way to do this has been hashed out by millions of websites and experts. And yet what makes me think I have anything to offer to this topic? Well I believe the mindset after you quit is very important. How you think about cigarettes after you quit is the key.

You must feel happy after your quit. You have to quit and feel great after you do it. If you quit and mope around. If you quit and look back thinking about what you are missing that is when you make a mistake and are prone to return.

I explain this concept and how to use it in my ebook. (The Truth About Smoking: Straight Talk On How To Quit Smoking.).



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