Charlie Sheen says “You Can’t Process Me With a Normal Brain”

[widget id=”ad_unit-12″]ad_unit-12[/widget]That Charlie Sheen is delusional goes without question. The idea that you are somehow special and that your uniqueness only allows you to be understood by special highly intelligent brains, well then …that is textbook “crazy.” Furthermore you go on to voice this opinion on national television… that is reckless and crazy.

So what do you do when someone is crazy. You treat them and help them get better. You don’t parade them in front of the cameras to get ratings. Yes, Charlie Sheen needs help but so do the television and media for taking advantage of a clearly sick individual.

Smoker’s also are prone to delusions (some strange or fanciful belief that is strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence). They may not be as bizarre as Charlies but it is still there. “I can quit smoking whenever I want to”, “I am not addicted to smoking”, “If it gets bad enough I will quit”, “I have to smoke to deal with the problems in my life”, etc… these are all false beliefs that are strongly held by individual smokers.

We all need help. It doesn’t make us bad to admit it. Get help Quit Smoking.



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