The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Using Allen Carr’s Easy Way Method

If I was asked what is the best way to quit smoking. I would say – the cold turkey approach. If I was to be asked what is the worst method to quit – then anything that involves quitting in the future. The best time is always now.
If someone asked me what is the best book to quit smoking that would be the easiest question to answer because hands down I believe it is The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. This book cost about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes but hidden inside is a clever method to help you quit. I won’t say anymore except that over 600 people have written praises about this book and still many more are silently happy they used this book to quit.



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  1. I had tried many ways to quit smoking but nothing worked until I found this book. Now, 2 years and seven month later I’m still not smoking. It was the easiest way to quit. Gave this book to a friend who wants to quit smoking.

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