Why Tobacco Could Cost You Millions – A Story of Two Girls And A Buerger

Could you be the next Kimbra Hickey?

Kimbra Hickey is a forty something year old hand model. Her hands are on the book cover of the Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer. Kimbra was paid $150/hr for her shoot. Not bad considering that Kimbra Hickey is just breaking into this acting/modeling world.

Maybe you could be the next Ashly Covington? You may not recognize Ashly’s name but you have seen her hands. Take a look here to see a sample of Ashly’s work.

Did you know that tobacco could end their careers? Especially if the developed Buerger’s disease (BD).

Buerger’s disease is caused by tobacco and it can alter the body, sometimes irreversibly, because BD causes ulceration and gangrene of the hands, and feet requiring amputations. Have a look here to see what I mean.

Smoking is the central initiating factor in developing BD and quitting smoking is the cornerstone of its treatment. BD is horribly disfiguring and would essentially end the career of the above mentioned hand models potentially costing millions in lost revenues for these girls. That is a heavy price to pay for smoking.

So to all you models and soon to be models out there a word of advice – don’t smoke.



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