How Smoking Kills You?

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]Your first cigarette is fun, you do it to be cool, you do it because everyone says you shouldn’t, you do it because you are curious, you do it to impress others, after all what is the big deal? Tons of people do it right? But that cigarette is not your friend.-

  • With every puff it steals away 11 seconds from your life, in a lifetime smokers can expect to live between 10-12 years less than non-smokers.
  • With every puff a chain reaction is started in your brain whose purpose is to hook you like a fish and fatten the wallets of the tobacco companies at your expense.
  • With every puff you play a lethal game of Russian-roulette with your life. Will I die from cancer, will I die from a heart attack, will I perish from emphysema gasping for air and getting none.
  • With every puff the noose is tied tighter and tighter around your neck and you don’t even realize it. Finally like an obedient slave smoking makes you reach into your pockets and give away your hard-earned money to the rich and powerful tobacco Lords.

How smoking kills you? Slowly but surely my friend it takes your life and your money.



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