Hypnotism & Weight Loss

Do you believe hypnotism can help you quit smoking? I had a patient tell me that he and his wife went to a hypnotist paid $250 each to get hypnotized to quit smoking. They spent about an hour in the guys’ office and left.

My patient said that as soon as he got into the truck he lit-up a cigarette and puff! …said goodbye to his $500 dollars.

He said he and his wife (who also began smoking in the truck) had a laugh about the whole affair ….so as to not cry.

In spite of my patient’s story, I want to say that I believe hypnotism has it’s place in the smoking cessation arena. But it is not a cure all by itself.

I have seen wonderful results with relaxation and suggestion tapes and CDs that work hand-in-hand together with a sensible quit smoking strategy.
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