The Two Presidents – Barack Obama Quits Tobacco Smoking

Here are two pictures of the president taken a few months apart-

As you know the president has been struggling with quitting smoking. And I think these pictures speak volumes about the effects of smoking on the president.

In one photo he looks vibrant and healthy and, on the other he looks sickly. In one picture he appears thinner but his face is gaunt and deflated. Which is the picture where he has quit smoking? Can you guess? First or second picture.

I have my own definite opinions about the subject. I just wanted to point out one fact – which is that the stress and work of running the country is the same in both pictures. The president could say that he NEEDS smoking to cope with the stress and who could blame him. Nevertheless, he some how finds a way to cope with stress that doesn’t involve smoking.

So if the president with all the stress and toil involved in running a country can stop smoking. If he can find a different outlet for his stress then so can you. You just gotta believe.



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