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Okay so day one of Chantix. Today I had a pedicure planned out and renting a movie. Took the first pill of a series of Chantix pills this morning at 8 am. (About 9 hours now). I decided after much procrastination to go get that pedicure. I got in my car drove to the nail salon and turned around to come right back home. Needless to say… I forgot my movie. So I felt feverish and nauseas and decided to lie on the couch. I called a friend to see what she was up to and when I told her I was sick on the couch after taking Chantix this morning she freaked out and told me to stop this medicine NOW!!! So here I am doing my research before I make a decision on whether or not to pursue Chantix. Does anyone notice loss of short term memory? How about a burning sensation under your tongue while smoking?? I realized today that this is indeed a powerful drug if it can cause reaction in just one dose…
Does anyone wonder if we are the actual lab rats that they talk about in that little pamphlet they give you with the Chantix? I am curious if this is one of those drugs that later on down the line there will be some corporate lawyer on television, giving out some 800 number if you were one of the many victims of Chantix. You know so government can give you some sort of reparations check for your hardship as a result of chantix.
I think Doctors, Pharmacists, and drug companies alike get “paid” to push these new “miracle” drugs on patients in all actuality just to get closer to the real miracle drug at the expense of many innocent yet hopeful human beings lives……

Then again, maybe I just think things through waaay too much at times. Who knows, either way I guess I am still on the fence about this whole thing. I suppose I will give it at least ten days before I quit. As I have done research I have noticed that most individuals with good and/or bad experiences normally quit around the 12th day. (Depending on many things).

Skeptical yet hopeful,




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