Squidoo Lens Comment on Chantix

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]This comment on my Squidoo lens is more typical of what I hear about Chantix:

I have only good to say about Chantix! 🙂

I smoked the first week while on the starter pack of Chantix then day 8 quit completely! I quit on Feb 17th of this year and have been smoke free since then (over 4 months!)

I have been a heavy smoker (2 pack a day habit) for over 30 years! I credit alot to Chantix for getting me started but I also give myself credit too. I fully believe a person has to have their mind set to it and truly WANT to quit, or it will not be successful.

I have been lucky and have had no serious side effects. I do have very vivid unusual dreams but I dream alot anyway so its no big deal for me.

My physician and I have extended my treatment of Chantix beyond the initial 12 weeks since it is working so well for me and no problems! I will probably do 1 more month yet just to be sure but its starting to feel to me more like a security blanket lol.

A huge THANK YOU for Chantix & best wishes to all who want to quit the smoking habit!

You can do it! 🙂



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