Why Do You Smoke?

Do you really know? Do you have any idea maybe? Or do you think you know?

I hope you do know. And if you do I hope it is a good reason.

If the reason that you smoke is because you cannot stop. Because if you stop you feel jittery and anxious and you smoke so that you just can manage to keep it together. Then you smoke because you can’t stop.

If you can admit that the only reason you smoke is because you cannot stop. You have hit right note finally. And you are just that much closer to being able to quit. You have to admit to yourself that you are barely keeping your head above water and can’t stop smoking because it is the only way you can cope.

underwaterTo admit you are helpless to smoking is a powerful admission that will allow you to make finally make the necessary changes to quit smoking for good.

Because when you do you will start really looking for answers. Looking hard for answers outside yourself and you may find this blog or you may find some other solution.

But you can’t find until you start looking.


Creative Commons License photo credit: myplace_angela



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