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Wow! I wish I would have done the research I am doing now before I started taking Chantix. I became very ill at the start of the summer and at 31 my doctor discovered “spots” on my lungs that he thought, due to my smoking (17yrs), might be cancerous. I was so scared. He told me about Chantix and I began taking the medication. About a month into taking it I began to feel very anxious, depressed, irritable, and started lashing out verbally at my husband. I continued taking the meds until early September, relapsed back to smoking. I started again in October, and today a counselor diagnosed me with Major Depression. I can’t stop crying, I have horrible thoughts about myself and others, and have experienced suicidal ideation — all VERY unlike me. It has been very, very scary. I have also experienced delayed thinking, short-term memory loss, and a high level of distractability. I’m going to my doctor tomorrow to see what he says about these symptoms.



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