Mixing Chantix and Alcohol?…Not a Good Idea.

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]The little bit I know about Chantix says that alcohol is one thing you should never drink or consume while taking this medicine. Why? Because it may cause you to act crazy [short version]

The longer version of that answer says that Chantix and alcohol was implicated in the death of Dallas musician Carter Albrecht who was killed about 4 years ago after he began acting erratically while consuming alcohol and Chantix.

I also know that people who drank were not represented in the Pfizer trail of their wonder drug.

The thought is that the combination of decreased impulse control and depressed mood may be a bad combination.

So the saying: “Don’t drink and drive” applies double for Chantix. So “Don’t drink and Chantix.”



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