The Urge to Fall Off the Wagon…How To Control it?

Why do you think people who presumably have it all throw it all away? Is it stupidity? Or is it something else?

Tiger Woods….Congressman Weiner…Sandra Bullock’s cheating husband Jesse James every one of these are men did NOT control their urge to self destruct.

The self-destruction inner urge is inside everyone of us. We can’t eliminate it. We can only control it.

Here are the three rules to control it:

#1 is thinking that it can’t happen to you. Because it can and it will.

#2 it stems mainly from too much free time. Keep busy, stay positively active.

#3 Do not put yourself in a situation where you might be tempted.

How to use this knowledge to help you quit smoking:

#1 no matter how great you feel after quitting. It only takes one cigarette to bring you back down. Never forget that.

#2 Keep busy. Do something constructive, healthy. Spend your time positively. No laying around the couch just watching TV.

#3 Do not put yourself in a situation that you know would make you want to smoke.

There it is. The three simple rules of controlling your inner demons…and avoiding sliding back.



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