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Melissa has left a new comment on your post “CHANTIX SIDE EFFECT ON MENSES?”:

I seem to have resumed a regular 28-day cycle.
I’m 49 and thought I was done!
I thought I was in full menopause as I hadn’t had a period in 18 months. I’d had the full range of symptoms – hot flashes, night sweats, everything.
After 3 months of Chantix and struggling with the quitting, I finally quit. About a week later, I got a period – breast tenderness, bloating, crying, everything.
Now, 28 days later, another one with breast tenderness, crying, bloating, everything.
The flashes and night sweats are gone.
I’m calling my doctor tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t pathological. Not at 28 days with full symptoms.

This is the only thing on the web that makes some sort of connection to quitting smoking.

Thank you.
I am calling my doctor tomorrow.



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