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This drug was released in Australia on January 1st 2008. When I got my script, there was no information leaflet in the box and no warnings. (I later found out they had not included them as they were in the process of re-writing them to upgrade the warnings).
To cut a long story short I got through 6 days before I lost my mind. I too felt like I had no reason to live. I had my first panic attack and required Valium for 3 days and am now on anti-depressants. I feel part of my sanity has slipped away forever.
I stopped smoking the night I went crazy, filling my cigarette packet with water, and have not smoked since. I remain depressed and have lost my zest for life.
Once I gave up using ‘Easyway’ the book by Alan Carr. I felt on top of the world. I wish I had never foolishly had that ‘just one’ cigarette that eventually led me to try Champix.
So, although I am now a non smoker – its a hollow victory. I feel nothing. Its like saying I just lost 20 pounds ….because I had my leg amputated.
I can’t believe that this drug is being released in Australia despite all these reports. My Doctor reported my reaction to our FDA equivalent.
I am so scared I have ruined my brain for ever, and wonder if I will ever feel normal again.



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