Question from Mz Diva about Chantix

Mz Diva said…
I have a question about this post from a professional as well as personal aspect. I teach health and many of my students want to take diet pills to lose weight. I tell them that unless they change their eating habits and begin an exercise program, the drugs will be a temporary solution in most instances. What are the side effects of the diet pills available OTC?

On a personal note, I quit smoking and have gained 20 pounds. I was overweight to start with. I know that my metabolism has slowed down. What do you think of drugs that boost metabolism for people in my situation? (in general, not specifically me. Is it worth the risks? (Kind of like Chantix) or should a diet and exercise program be used alone as the first line of defense to fight obesity. I know you are not my doctor but I am really curious about the metabolic drop since I quit. Feel free to post this or e-mail me if you decide to answer.



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