Nicotine – New Solution or Same Old Problem?

22nd Century (website) a New York based company is betting millions that you will love their new very low nicotine (VLN) cigarette. The idea is that by switching to this VLN brand of cigarettes you will find it easier to quit smoking. It is being marketed as prescription cigarette.

I can’t say I am fond of the idea of inhaling all the other harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, not to mention the horrible second-hand smoke that inhaled by the innocent and that is essentially unchanged. Not a good idea in my opinion. But the whole project highlights what I have been saying for years, which is that the only things that hooks you into smoking over and over again is nicotine.

If you understand this concept then you know how silly it is to try to quit smoking using a nicotine based product. Would you offer alcohol to an alcoholic? Or cocaine to a crack addict? I don’t think so. Yes I know that people have quit smoking using nicotine products. And people can drink soup using chopsticks but just because someone has done it does not make it the easier way.



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