Nervous System Disorders Reported on Chantix

Disturbance in attention,
Sensory disturbance.

Psychomotor hyperactivity,
Restless legs syndrome,

Balance disorder,
Cerebrovascular accident,
Facial palsy,
Mental impairment,
Multiple sclerosis,
Psychomotor skills impaired,
Transient ischemic attack,
Visual field defect.


Posted By Antonio Howell, M.D. to blog at 5/20/2007 05:29:00 PM



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  1. Is there any type of antidote for this Chantix nightmare? I am desperate. My list grows by the year, I never considered any side effects to be permanent. After Several years of a downhill spiral I have realized through frustrated research that it is all linked back to the Chantix I took in 2007. Chantix gave me severe ADD, I was diagnosed at 40 almost 2 years after taking Chantix, and incidently, I had been evaluated by a mental health professional before taking Chantix and was not diagnosed with ADD.

    Currently I have experienced or am experiencing about 30 ailments listed on a Chantix sheet I found online. Being suicidal is whats going to kill me though, I can’t shake it and I’m just getting too tired to fight it. I need a miracle to counteract the ‘miracle drug’.

  2. Hello Dana,

    I am not your doctor and you are not my patient but I am sorry you are having such a hard time. However, I do not believe you can really blame all these symptoms on one drug. Not even Chantix.

  3. Dr.Antonio took Chantix five days ,have had serious depresion in my life ,terable anxiety ,was taking klonipin for all of above was happy .Had qwit drinking 5 yrs prior ,,my life was great I should say my mental health was never better ..On my 5th day of chantix ,I felt something was wrong so I stoped taking It but was devastaded with fear and paranoia ,could,nt face peaple any more ..It destroyed the part of my brain that klonpin was corecting ,nothing is fun anymore that was in 2007 ..some Idiot At The VA gave it to me ,and I know Im not alone I read others peoples storys there pretty much the same so you tell me !! Please tell me who can help why wont any one help I wis It would have killed Me!!

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