Embracing Pleasure to Be a Non-Smoker

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]20 Ways to Reward Yourself for Quitting Smoking:
1. Have a power nap
2. Take a day off
3. Read a novel
4. Have a bubble bath
5. Telephone someone you haven’t talked to for a while
6. Enjoy your hobby
7. Spend time in the garden
8. Enjoy a favorite food
9. Go to the beach or a park
10. Listen to music
11. Rent a DVD
12. Give yourself a spa treatment at home
13. Buy some fresh flowers
14. Book a massage
15. Buy a new magazine, CD, or video game
16. Buy walking shoes, a pedometer, or other accessory for your activity of choice
17. Go to a movie, concert, play, or sports event
18. Answer personal emails and have a relaxed surf on the internet
19. Go shopping
20. Meet a friend for dinner or dessert.



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