Dr. Howell You Are Just Another Quit Smoking Guru – Why Should I Believe You?

[widget id=”text-41″]text-41[/widget]You have probably stopped smoking on your own a few times. You may have stopped once for almost a year, another time for six months, another time for three months, and perhaps you stopped once for less than a week. Every time it took a little bit out of you and you do not know if you are ready to get back on that rollercoaster ride right now. Why should the method that I teach be any different from all the other quit smoking programs that promise the moon and deliver nothing in return.
I know that my method works because it’s backed by research. When I wanted to learn what worked I did not go and ask doctors what method they thought was the best one I did not go to a drug rep and ask them what their drug company had in the pipes to help people quit. I went to ex-smokers. People like you who had successfully quit and I asked them what worked. I asked them what didn’t work. And, I asked them how they overcame all the obstacles that seem to plague smokers who are unsuccessful. And the information that was gathered over 10 years was carefully organized and is now revealed in my Surefire Method to Quit Smoking.

How was the Surefire Method to Quit Smoking Born?
When patients ask their doctors for help in order to quit smoking, most doctors will simply recommend one of the popular products that are out on the market. However, I wasn’t satisfied with this approach. I decided to go the extra mile in order to discover what truly worked, and what didn’t. That’s when I started doing research.
Shortly after I began conducting my research I was introduced to the 80/20 concept, which basically states that out of 1000 so-called great ideas, 80% of them are a total waste of time. But 20% of those ideas could really open doors and bring about the change that you’re striving to achieve. So I asked myself how I could apply the 80/20 rule in order to help people stop smoking.
As I started to think about this problem. I realized one key fact that in the U.S. every year, approximately 50% of smokers attempt to quit smoking. That is about 30-40 million people. Moreover, I took advantage of the fact that all these smokers were already trying all the different methods to quit. I saw my job as collecting the 5-8 different things that made the most difference in their success to quit. I wanted to eliminate the nearly one million ways that did not work at all, saving you and me time and effort. I also unmasked a few things that most people tried that were actually holding them back from being successful. And so the SureFire Method to Quit Smoking was born.And the information that was gathered over 10 years was carefully organized and now revealed in my Surefire Method to Quit Smoking.



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