Want To Quit Smoking? Congratulations! You Are Almost There.

The other day I asked a patient of mine who quit smoking, “What would you tell yourself if you could communicate with your younger self to help you quit smoking?” He laughed at me and said “Doc back then I was not listening to anybody”. I laughed too, mostly because I heard that same answer so many times before.
I laughed because he realized what many patients realized after they quit. That you cannot quit smoking until you are mentally ready to quit. You have are ready to quit I know just by the fact that you bought this book. You spent money and just that effort is enough to let me know you want to you are there.
The mental readiness is a big step forward and you should feel good for getting here. The second step is the belief that you can quit. This book will help you in that respect. The third step is the biological hurdle. The biological response is manifested in the feeling of withdrawal that comes when you quit. This book will teach you how to minimize this reaction.
The fourth and final step is the reason why a lot of people cannot quit. It is the reason why people keep coming back to smoking even after stopping for months. Imagine you are on a deserted island and that on this island only smokers lives. In order to become a non-smoker you have to get off the island, physically get off the island. You need to make the journey off the island to win this battle because as long as you are on the island and have stopped smoking for months you will fall back and start over smoking once again.
So, the final step and the most important step is what needs to happen to finally close the door on nicotine and smoking for good. This step is very important and you will find it in the pages of this book but not right now. It has to executed at the right time and only when the other three steps have been achieve. You are going to have to trust me on this one. The answer to your prayers is here and it will work for you if you let it.
So congratulations again on your decision to WANT to quit.



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