Quit Smoking Because Every Day You Are Alive Is A Gift

One day in my office was talking to a patient (whom I will refer to as BOB) about smoking. BOB was ready for me because he gave the calmest and collected defense to smoking that I had ever heard. His argument was that he chose to smoke because it added value to his life. Smoking a cigar or a good cigarette made his life more enjoyable. And, if that meant he won’t live to be 100 so what? Who wants to live to be a hundred any way? You are old and cannot take care of yourself anyway.
I was taken aback by the coldness and straight forwardness of his response. So much so that I was silent. I did not have a response. After all, I live in America the land of the free. Moreover, I believe in freedom. Freedom to live your life as you want. So if you wanted to live the life of Henry David Thoreau and lock yourself in a cabin somewhere and smoke. Who am I to say no?
Nevertheless, I also believe that life is too precious to throw away to cancer and disease. And, everyday above ground is blessing from above. If you do not hold life – YOUR life in that same regard the something is wrong with you.
Life is such a wonderful thing to have. Do not throw it away to cancer. So people like BOB are wrong. Dead wrong. I am not wasting my time arguing with people who do not appreciate life. But, to people like you who do know the value of life I offer this video I found on YOUTUBE about a Canadian man named Terry Fox. We should all experience a life as rich as his.



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