Smokers as Outcast

Outcast: Noun -A person who has been rejected by society or a social group.

The weather is starting to get cold here in Texas. At work smokers are forced to go outside to indulge in their habit. I am starting to see smokers huddling-up on the side of the building with big coats and jiggling up and down to keep warm as the sneak a smoke around the hospital. There are designated areas to smoke but nobody uses designated areas to smoke anyway. Smokers like to their own thing and will never stand to be told where they can and cannot smoke. No way!

But, back to my point. This is the time of the year you probably are really wishing you didn’t smoke anymore. Because let’s face it smokers are an outcast in society now a days. Therefore, many people work very hard to hide the fact that they smoke. Moreover, it gets old after a while.

If you really want to quit smoking here is a useful exercise. Start writing down all the things you have to do to hide your smoking habits from friends and family. Also try to describe how cold and annoying it is to have to go out in the cold to smoke. Take five minutes to do this and then keep the list in a safe place so that you can retrieve it later. This is all ammunition that you can use later on to propel you to quit when you decide that it is finally your time to quit.

I realize that I just gave you homework (as if you didn’t have enough to do). But if you are reading this blog you then you are probably thinking of quitting smoking and this little exercise will pay dividends for you. So go ahead and get started.



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