10 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Quit Smoking

In the US alone, there are more than 800,000 women who smoke during pregnancy. Across the globe, one in every ten pregnant women smokes. According to studies, the old advocacy of ‘Quit for Baby’ has been a very simple approach to encourage pregnant women to quit from this addictive substance. Experts agree that women should seek medical care to ensure that their babies will come out strong and healthy.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should quit smoking during pregnancy. But they can be summed up to 10 major reasons. Here they are:

1.      Women who smoke have higher chance of miscarriage.

The most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormalities. The negative effects of smoking are tied up to miscarriage as it provokes the breakdown of the chromosomes. The harmful chemicals that compose the cigarette smoke can extremely cause genetic damages in the fetus. Aside from this, smoking can also change the uterus lining, making it hard for the fertilized egg to grow and develop. While smoking is not a direct cause of miscarriage and stillbirth, it can be a triggering factor.

2.      Smoking can increase the chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Until now, there are no pertinent scientific studies that comprehensively explain the real cause of SIDS. This normally happens when the baby is sleeping. But according to research, babies born to moms who smoke, drink, and use drugs have high risk of dying due to SIDS.

3.      Women who smoke may suffer from complications during pregnancy and labor.

Because cigarette is a source of toxins, the immune system of the mother is affected every time she smokes. Complications include bleeding, severe pain during labor, untimely detachment of the placenta from the mother’s womb and membrane ruptures (premature breaking of water). When not given immediate medical attention, this can lead to miscarriage.

4.      Smokers are more likely to deliver undersized babies.

Women who smoke during pregnancy deliver smaller babies as compared to those who don’t smoke by 200g. Small babies can mean that some if not most of their organs have not yet developed properly.

5.      Women who smoke may suffer from ectopic pregnancy

One in every 50 women suffers from ectopic pregnancy. This condition happens when the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus. The baby may develop in the fallopian tube, somewhere near the ovary, or in the woman’s cervix.

6.      Women who smoke may deliver premature baby

The human body has its own ways of defending itself from harmful chemicals. During pregnancy, preterm labor may happen as a result of the body’s defenses against smoking. Because the baby has not yet fully developed when born, there’s a big possibility that he or she may suffer from severe illnesses that can result to death.

7.      Babies born of smokers are more likely to have colic.

Just like SIDS, colic remains to be a wonder for many scientists. When the baby goes through a period of tantrums and crying, it is said that they have colic. A Danish research suggests that prenatal smoking aggravates the possibility of colic in babies.

8.      Babies whose mothers smoke while pregnant are more likely to develop respiratory diseases.

Two of the most common illnesses that happen to children are asthma and bronchitis. Every year, thousands of children are admitted to the hospital because of respiratory diseases and majority of them acquired the disease from passive smoking.

9.      Children of smoking moms may suffer from learning and behavioral problems

The toxic substances that the mother takes in every time she smokes are being passed to her baby. As a result, these chemicals create temporary and permanent changes on the baby’s brain. This can eventually lead to mental problems that include slow learning, poor performance in school, and behavioral disorders. It may also cause mental retardation.

10.   Babies born to women who smoke are generally UNHEALTHY.

Babies of women who smoke have weaker immune system and are likely to be born with defects such as cleft palate and other forms of abnormalities.


Will you still smoke? Hope not. Because every time you do, a defenseless life suffers.





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