77 Keys To Conquering Stress Without Smoking

What pushes your buttons and makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs?
Close your eyes and bring to memory all the things that piss you off. Go on..take your time. I will wait…Okay, you are back. The list you just identified are your life stressors. The most important part in dealing with stress is identifying the cause. Now all you need is to come-up with ways to deal with them that don’t involve smoking. Here is a partial list to get you started:

  1. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  2. Adopt a positive outlook.
  3. Always have a plan “B”
  4. Always make copies of important papers
  5. Anticipate your needs
  6. Ask for help
  7. Avoid the situation(s) that make your problem(s) worse
  8. Be in control of what you CAN control
  9. Be positive
  10. Be proactive
  11. Be responsible for your feelings
  12. Become a better listener
  13. Believe in yourself
  14. Break large tasks into bite size portions
  15. Concentrating on the tasks that will make a real difference to your work.
  16. Connect with people
  17. Constantly challenge yourself
  18. Develop your sense of humor
  19. Do it today
  20. Do not do something unhealthy to help you cope
  21. Do volunteer work
  22. Don’t rely on your memory – write it down
  23. Exercise every day
  24. Find support from others
  25. Focus on quality work rather than quantity.
  26. Freely praise other people
  27. Get enough sleep
  28. Get to work early
  29. Go to a ball game and scream
  30. Have a support network of people, places and things
  31. Have goals for yourself
  32. Have some “me time”
  33. Hum
  34. If you’re stressed identify the cause.
  35. Ignore the things you cannot control
  36. Keep a journal
  37. Know and believe there’s always a solution
  38. Know your limitations and let others know them, too
  39. Learn and apply the 80/20 rule
  40. Learn the words to a new song
  41. Learn to meet your own needs
  42. Learn to whistle a tune
  43. Look at challenges differently
  44. Look for a silver lining
  45. Maintain your weight
  46. Pay attention
  47. Physical activity can get you in the right state of mind to be able to find a solution.
  48. Play with a toddler
  49. Practice breathing slowly
  50. Practice grace under pressure
  51. Put air freshener in your car
  52. Quit trying to fix other people
  53. Recognize the importance of unconditional love
  54. Remember that stress is an attitude
  55. Remember you always have options
  56. Remove clutter from your life
  57. Repeat 20 times a day “It can be done.”
  58. Repeat this 10 times everyday “No matter how difficult a problem may appear to be, there’s always a solution.”
  59. Schedule play time into every day
  60. Smile
  61. Stand up and stretch
  62. Stay active.
  63. Stop saying negative things to yourself
  64. Stretch your limits a little each day
  65. Strive for Excellence NOT perfection
  66. Take a bubble bath
  67. Take charge of your life
  68. Take control be a part of the solution that satisfies you and not someone else.
  69. Take time to smell the flowers
  70. Talk less and listen more
  71. Talk things through with a friend
  72. The more you give the happier you feel.
  73. Visualize yourself winning
  74. Watch less TV
  75. Work smarter, not harder
  76. Write a note to a far away friend
  77. Write down three things at the end of every day which went well or for which you’re grateful.

The key is to find a way to deal with stress that does NOT involve either a)hurting yourself or b)smoking again. The solution to your problem involves the application of one or more of the above suggestions. It is up to you to tailor the solution to fit your particular situation. Now get to work. 🙂
Creative Commons License photo credit: Wiertz Sébastien




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