What is N.O.P.E?

Not One Puff Ever = N.O.P.E.

I was tempted to just leave that definition so that the full importance of it could sink in to you the reader. But, I couldn’t help it I had to say some more.

Imagine you spent a week and finally overcame all the early obstacles of quitting smoking. A week turns into a month. And before you know it you have three months nicotine free under your belt. The suddenly out of nowhere an idea begins to form in your brain. A dangerous and completely stupid idea but it happens to all of us. You begin to believe that you have mastered smoking and that you can prevent being addicted to it. There actually people who smoke everyday that actually believe they can put it down anytime. The problem is that they never do.

So this idea that you are somehow immune from getting hooked on cigarette grows. And all of a sudden you want to prove to yourself that you can do this and you want to take just one puff. You reason what can one puff do after you have quit for six months.

But the opposite is true. One puff will  actually bring you down. So never, ever, ever take that one puff….NEVER EVER. N.O.P.E.



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