How Not To Quit Smoking?

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Stop Smoking – Choose an Alternative Method

Stop Smoking – Choose an Alternative Method

By Dr. Mark Clayson

Are you ready to stop cigarette smoking? Terrific. There can be tons of different ways to stop smoking cigarettes. One of them is to go it alone and end up cold turkey. Fundamentally you only decide to stop and not use any additional aids to assist you with the process. This particular method may work, but it usually ends up failing for many individuals.

The additional choice is to use stop smoking aids as an alternate choice to cigarettes. You will discover two common approaches of doing it. One, is to you use nicotine gum and the additional way is to use nicotine patches. These solutions do work, but there is a downside. You’re still putting nicotine in your system.

But there is a much better choice!
One can find tablets and sprays you may use that replace the nicotine with a normal solution that fundamentally makes your human body think it’s getting nicotine whenever it’s really not. The reason these work well is because they assist you come off cigarettes without all of the withdrawals, and at the same time, you’re not putting nicotine in your system. It’s literally the perfect solution.

Now not all stop cigarette smoking solutions may do this sort of thing and not all of them are that great. You should ensure that you do your own research before deciding. But, as an alternative to other methods, they may work for you. Ask questions to ensure that you are sure of any harmful effects and always consult a physician for advice if in any doubt.

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Redhead lady bending cigarette in handsAre you serious Dr. Clayson?

This is without a doubt the worst quit smoking advice I have read in years.

It is because of bad advice like this that most people have such a hard time quitting smoking. This advice is ridiculous. The author starts out talking about quitting cold turkey and then advises against it because “it usually ends up failing”. What a motivator this guy is.

Then he begins to talk about the nicotine gum or the patch. But then dismisses this because at the end these methods end up “putting nicotine in your system”. So why even suggest it then?

Finally he arrives at the best way to quit using “solutions”. Magic “solutions” that trick the body into thinking it is getting nicotine. What are these magic solutions I wonder?

Then he ends with the whopper: “Now not all stop cigarette smoking solutions may do this sort of thing and not all of them are that great. You should ensure that you do your own research before deciding.”

Not only did he not tell you what this “solution” is. He now ask you to investigate it for yourself.

The sad thing is that the author of this drivel is supposed to be a doctor. (SMH in shame).

If you want real advise on how to quit smoking you need not look anywhere else. I provide you with excellent quit smoking information and do it in way that you can use and be ultimately successful in applying. So bookmark this page, subscribe to the RSS feed and keep coming for more.



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