It Only Matters if You are the Best…Nobody Wants Second Best!

[widget id=”ad_unit-10″]ad_unit-10[/widget]Remember the movie MEET THE FOCKERS where Greg’s parents have a display of all of Greg’s trophies. And Jack comments “I did not know they made awards for 9th-place.” (Click here for YouTube clip)

It might be alright to recognize a kid for his effort no matter how small. But at some time in life one realizes that life does not reward efforts. Live rewards results. Life rewards number one and everybody else doesn’t matter. That is why in the movies the hero is always a Harvard graduate who graduated top in his class.

When talking about smoking the best is quitting all together. Second best is 1)cutting back, and 2)hardly ever smoke. If you used to smoke two packs-day and now you have cut back to just one cigarette a day that’s great but it’s only second best and you are still a smoker. And I especially want to talk to the hardly ever smoke crowd. This is the group of people who claims that because the smoke about once a month or less they really and truly don’t smoke. If you belong to this group you are freaking-crazy. You are completely brain-washed. Zero is not almost zero. Zero is zero. And even if you smoke one every six months you are still a smoker. And furthermore you are still at a much greater risk of disease that the general population.

Nobody wants second best! One always strives to be the freaking best. And effort is not enough. Results are what counts.

Be the best and quit for good. Quit and never, ever touch a cigarette again.



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