Top 10 Ways How to Discourage Your Kids from Smoking

If your teenager has already started smoking, chances are you’ll have a hard time getting them off the habit. Research shows that it is very easy for someone to get addicted to tobacco especially teenagers. Just a single stick of cigarette is enough to get them hooked into the habit. Higher percentage of teen smokers admitted that they find it difficult to quit smoking. It is shocking enough to know that younger girls (aged 15) are more prone to smoking than younger boys (aged 15). This is the reason why as early as possible, you’ll be able to discourage your kids from smoking. Below are the top 10 tips how to discourage your kids from smoking.

  1. Be a good example to your kids. The best way to discourage your kids from smoking is by setting yourself as an example. DON’T SMOKE, or if you’re already into the habit, quit smoking the earliest possible time.
  2. Discourage them at an earlier age. Kids start to become aware of the things around them and start asking questions as early as 5 years old. You may want to guide them away from smoking at this age. You may want to point out the bad effects they might get if they smoke.
  3. Inform them of about the health implications they’ll get from smoking. You may want to provide them with information about the negative effects of smoking. But don’t get too excited and turn it into a lecture. You may just provide them with health magazines or resources where they can read this information.
  4. Help them deal with peer pressure. One of the deciding reasons why teens start smoking is the influence of their friends. While it is true you cannot do anything to stop their friends from smoking, but you can make your kids feel they’re strong enough to say “NO” to smoking.
  5. Explain the possible physical effects they can get from smoking. You may also want to inform them about the negative effects of smoking to their physical appearance like wrinkles, yellow teeth, bad breath, hair loss, and even the effects smoking to their fertility.  
  6. Show them some videos of the bad effects of smoking. Teens usually have access to social media sites. You may want to encourage them to watch informational videos about smoking online. These videos can very well explain everything they need to know.
  7. You may also want to tell them how bad they’ll smell if they smoke. Generally, smokers have a very distinct smell. You may want to elaborate how sickening a smoker smells.
  8.  Tell them how other people would dislike them if they smoke. Not all people consider smoking to be cool. Tell your kids that some people may be discourage to befriend them if they smoke.
  9.  Explain how smoking endangers the life of their love ones. Second hand smoke is more dangerous to people’s health. You may want to explain to them the dangers they can cause their friends and love ones.
  10. Tell them how much smoking will cost them. Tell your kids that not only those cigarettes will cost them money over time but the long term effect of smoking may cost them a lot in their health care too.



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