Top 10 Things That Trigger Back Smoking

Giving up smoking never comes easy to anyone who wants to give up the old habit. There will always be thousands of reasons that will pull you back to the smoking habit. Even if you’re the most committed quitter, there will always come a time that you’ll be tempted to light that deadly cigarette – they are what we call “smoking triggers”. That best way to counter these triggers is to understand and learn how you can overcome each of them. Below are the top 10 things the trigger back smoking.

Trigger No. 1 – It’s just feels so good to have a cigarette.

Smoking is not only chemically addicting but you also become habitually addicted to it. Giving up smoking exposes you to extreme cravings for cigarettes. It is best that you seek professional help before you start quitting. They can better assist and advice you on what you have to do.

Trigger No. 2 – Smelling tobacco smoke.

It is said that your sense of smell is closely associated with your memory. Maybe this is the reason why you suddenly yearn for your past habit when you smell tobacco smoke. You may want to keep yourself away from anyone smoking to make it easier for you to quit.

Trigger No. 3 – Seeing someone smoke.

By nature, humans are deeply affected by what they see. This is the reason why cigarette companies invest their money on expensive TV ads. The same effect you get when you see someone smoking while you’re on a withdrawal phase.  The urge to smoke suddenly becomes compelling. You may want to refrain yourself from seeing someone smoking at least for the first weeks of your smoking cessation.

Trigger No. 4 – Waking up in the morning and seeing the clock.

Well, you wake up and you see the clock, you haven’t smoked for the last 12 hours. Your body starts to tell you can still have one stick before totally quitting. Smoking is a hard habit to crack. You may want to make a new routine to keep yourself busy.

Trigger No. 5 – Driving your car.

For long time smokers, driving can be extremely boring without smoking 2 or 3 sticks of cigarettes. Feeling bored and stressed while driving can greatly trigger back your smoking habit. You may want to have a general cleaning of your car to remove the smell of cigarettes to lessen the triggers. You may also want to have candies instead of a cigarette.

Trigger No. 6 – Social gatherings and celebrations.

Social gatherings are intended for relaxation and enjoyment. Even without seeing anyone smoking in the vicinity, as a former smoker, your mind is conditioned to enjoy a few sticks of cigarettes.

Trigger No. 7 – Eating a sumptuous meal.

After satisfying yourself of a heavy and sumptuous meal, the level of dopamine in your brain increases which causes a stimulating effect that triggers you to smoke, aside from the fact that smoking after eating has been part of your habit.

Trigger No. 8 – Natural and physical stimulation.

Any activity that gets your adrenaline pumping can actually trigger your craving for a cigarette. Norepinephrine, is released to your bloodstream when adrenaline starts to kick off. Like dopamine it gives your body the urge to smoke.

Trigger No. 9 – Too much boredom.

When you’re bored, the level of “feel good” chemicals in your brain is low. Chances are you’ll be tempted to go back to your old habit. You may want to keep yourself busy by engaging in healthier activities like gardening, walking in the park or attending a fitness club.

Trigger No. 10 – Too much stress.

Too much work and worries can cause you a lot of stress. Some smokers claim that they feel relaxed when they smoke, when in fact it worsens the effect of stress in your body. To avoid lighting up that stick of cigarette when you’re stressed, try some stress-relieving activities like taking deep breaths, playing a video game for a few minutes, eating a snack, walking, or jogging. It will greatly lessen your cravings.

When you know who your enemies are, you can formulate the best strategies that will defy them. Same thing with smoking triggers. By knowing what your triggers are, you can carry on with your smoking cessation quest in a smooth and easy manner.



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