Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Want Someone to Give Up Smoking

If you want someone to quit smoking for good, it is best that you are knowledgeable of the things that can help them and those that will not. Knowing what doesn’t help will save you much effort and time. Don’t forget, you may hate smoking as much as you can, but for those who are addicted to it, it’s something they can’t simply abandon, even for just a while. Below are the top 10 things you want to avoid doing when you want someone to give-up smoking for good.

  1. Nagging
    Nagging about your husband’s smoking routine may no longer be effective. The more you nag about his habit, the more he’ll drift away from you, and the more smoking will become his friend. If you’ve been nagging about it for years already, then it means nagging was never helpful to make him quit.
  2. Negative Thinking
    Your negative thoughts can extend further than what you expected. It is hard to hide the negative thoughts you’re hiding. Sooner or later it will show on your actions. If you really want someone to stop smoking, better cut the negative thinking and start adding positive thoughts.
  3. Consistently Reminding Them of the Negative Effects
    Harping on the negative effects of smoking might just draw them further. You must understand that smokers are also aware of these harmful effects, only that smoking has been part of their life. Instead, you may want to turn your harping to the positive effects of quitting.
  4. Invest on Guilt
    As have been discussed in no.3, smokers are well aware of the negative effects of smoking. Chances are they already feel the guilt. They may be encouraged to smoke outside, but not give up smoking. It will be better to use empathy rather than guilt.
  5. Work on Fear
    Well, smokers whether they admit it or not, already have fear. Using fear to discourage kids by showing them photos and studies may gain positive result. However, using this method to adults may not be as effective. They are well aware of this. Instead, you may want to tell him about your fears of losing them.
  6. Force Them to Quit
    If you’ll be forcing them to quit smoking, they might see you much of a controller and not a friend who wants to help them. You don’t make an appointment with a specialist without even consulting them or before they decide to quit.
  7. Too Much Push
    You don’t set the date for them to quit. Asking them to suddenly quit won’t likely work. It will be much better if it comes voluntarily. But if the day comes and they fail to quit, don’t show your disappointment. Instead, commend them for their effort.
  8. Invest on Anger
    Shouting furiously in anger with a cigarette pack in your hand, might even encourage the person to light a cigarette. Using anger to make a smoker quit might not yield a positive result. Hostility can even draw him away from quitting. Instead, you may want to use a more understanding and loving approach.
  9. Give Up on Them
    Some people who are successful in giving up their smoking habit, sometimes even tried and failed not only twice or thrice but more than these numbers. Even if they have given up, you may want to continuously show them that you believe that they can succeed later on. The support they get is very important for them to be successful.
  10. Hate Them
    Be careful on what you say to them. Don’t attack the person and talk down on them. Instead, understand that it is very hard to quit from a long time habit of smoking. Don’t turn your attention on the person, but on the real object of disdain – that stick of cigarette.



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