Top 10 Reasons Why Smoking Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Cigarette smoke is known to increase the risks of heart attack, cancer, stroke, and many other diseases. But do you also know that smoking can ruin your sex life? YES! Many studies have linked smoking to a number of reproductive issues in men and women. So if think you look cool and macho while smoking that stick of cigarette, maybe it is about time you reconsider it before it’s too late.

Below are top 10 reasons why smoking can ruin your sex life.

 1.   Erectile Dysfunction

Tobacco smoke is known to be a vasoconstrictor. It causes the arteries and veins to constrict which results to poor blood circulation. Good or normal blood circulation is very important for men to attain natural erection. Smokers tend to have longer time before they can attain erection or not at all.

2.  Lack of Pleasure in Bed

Both men and women (smokers) can experience lesser pleasure in bed. During sex, good blood circulation increases the state of arousal in women. However, if you’re a smoker, most likely it will be less pleasurable and enjoyable because of poor blood circulation.

3. Low Fertility Rate

The chemicals found in tobacco smoke have an adverse effect in your reproductive system. Men who have been smoking for a long time tend to develop weak and deformed sperms. This means, they are less likely to fertilize an egg. Women who smoke also have lesser chance of conceiving a baby.

4.  Low Testosterone Level

Smoking greatly affects the level of testosterone – male’s main hormone. The testosterone is responsible for the development of male sex organs, keeping sexual drives or libido, and maintaining the manly looks. Smokers are more likely to develop gynaecomastia also known as “man breasts” and lose muscle mass.

5.  Weak Stamina

Most likely, smokers won’t last in bed. Nicotine can greatly damage your lungs and can cause poor oxygen flow in your body. If you’re a long time smoker, most likely you’ll you have to catch your breath very often – even in bed.

6.  Poor Sexual Drive

Studies show that smokers have lesser sexual drive than that of an average man who doesn’t smoke. This can be attributed to the low testosterone level in long-time smokers.

7.  Low Sexual Satisfaction

Nicotine greatly affects the normal blood flow in your system. Your sexual pleasure greatly depends on the amount of blood pumping in your veins. Smokers usually fail to achieve sexual pleasure because of poor blood circulation. They also find it hard to reach sexual heights.

8.  Reduced Chance of Getting a Partner

Bad breath, yellow teeth, and stinky odor are only some of the physical effects brought by smoking. So if you still think the smoking is cool, think again. Most women would prefer a not-so-handsome but clean and well-groomed looking guy over those good looking men who smoke. Can you imagine yourself kissing someone with stinking breath?

9.  Reduced Physical Attractiveness

Smoking also affects how you look. Smokers tend to look older than their age. It also causes gray hairs, dull skin, and wrinkles. Smoking grabs you of your natural beauty. If you think you look good when you smoke, actually, it’s the contrary.

10.   Intimate Relationship Turned Sour

Smoking can spark a misunderstanding between intimate or married couples. Most likely, the non-smoking partner tends to dislike or disdain the smoking habit of her partner which in the long run triggers misunderstandings between couples. Statistics even show that women refuse to sleep with their partners who frequently smoke.




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