Top 10 Crazy Things You Can Do to Give Up Smoking

[widget id=”ad_unit-11″]ad_unit-11[/widget]For most non-smokers, giving-up smoking is as easy as throwing away a stick of cigarette.  But for smokers, a day without smoking is like a hell week. Maybe this is the reason why some smokers are becoming more innovative in their eagerness to give up their smoking habit for good, even to the point that they come up with crazy ideas to help them quit smoking.

Below are the top 10 crazy things you can do to give up smoking:

  1.  Stay in a deserted island. If you have watched the movie of Tom Hanks, “Castaway”, maybe you’ll have an idea what it’s like to get stranded in a deserted island.  With nowhere to buy your cigarettes, you’ll have easier time keeping yourself away from smoking.
  2.  Bury your cigarettes in your lawn. Some studies reveal that forcing yourself to quit smoking is sometimes ineffective. Take it slowly.  You may want to make it hard for you to light a stick of cigarette. Bury your pack of cigarettes on your lawn. Every time you want to smoke just dig it up, light a stick and bury it again.  Make this a routine every time you feel like smoking.
  3. Smoke until you grow sick of smoking. If you think you hit the jackpot, well, think again. Try smoking 3 to 5 packs of cigarette in one sitting until you grow tired of smoking or until you puke.
  4. Chew dog biscuits instead of lighting a cigarette. Well, this sounds totally crazy, but it worked for a particular person. Maybe there was something about that dog biscuit.
  5. Take a bet. Bet with your friends. You may want to bet with your friends that you’ll take them out for a dinner in an expensive restaurant or you’ll give them $1000 if they ever see you smoke again.
  6. Bring home a silver back gorilla. It is known that silver back gorillas are very sensitive to smoke. If you don’t want to get beaten up by this fella, better throw those packs of cigarette while you can.
  7. Be the next US president. There has been a humor that President Obama bet with his wife that he’ll quit smoking if he’ll become the next president. Well he did! And he quit smoking.
  8. Chew your cigarette. You may want to chew your cigarette instead smoking them. You might be able to tolerate 1 or 2 sticks of cigarettes, but for sure you’ll hate the taste and smell of tobacco later on. Just make sure not to ingest it, it may cause poisoning.
  9. Distribute posters on local stores (with your face) not to sell you cigarettes. You may want to make posters and distribute it to local stores in your area, telling them not to sell you cigarettes. Or you may want to have it printed on your shirt.
  10. Tell your wife that your mother-in-law can live in your house if she ever caught you smoking again. This is a high price you don’t want to pay. You may want to do this if you’re really sure that you want to quit smoking for good. You don’t want to regret this after a week or two living with your mother-in-law.



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