5 Reasons Why You’ll End Up A Loser If You Smoke

Some people think they’re cool when they smoke. They think they look good. Well, maybe they think too much. Cigarette smoke contains at least 4 000 deadly chemicals which cause tons of health complications from pneumonia, to asthma, to cancer. Nicotine and tar, two of the most known substance found in tobacco smoke, cause bad breath, dull skin, wrinkles, gray hairs, and oral problems. So if you still think smoking is cool, you may want to think it over again. If you smoke, you become a loser. Why? Read on and find out why you become a loser if you smoke.

Below are the top 5 reasons why you’ll end up a loser if you smoke.

1. You’re killing yourself slowly.

For every stick of cigarette you smoke, you lose 11 minutes of your life. So for every pack of cigarette you smoke, you lose 3 hours and 40 minutes. Considering you smoke one pack of cigarette each day, how much you lose in one year? That’s roughly 55 days of your life. How much more if you smoke more than a pack each day? Tobacco smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals. Fifty-five of these substances are known to cause cancers. So if you smoke, it’s not surprising that you die ahead of your friends who don’t smoke.

2.  You look awfully bad.

Most smokers think they look cool and sexy when they smoke. This is the contrary. Actually, you look older than your friends of your age. You have more gray hairs and more wrinkles. Your skin also looks duller than anyone else. Nicotine in cigarette smoke kills the collagen and other nutrients in your skin. Your skin loses its natural glow and beauty. Not only that, it also stains your teeth and causes bad breath. This is the reason why smokers have yellow teeth, black gums, and stinky breath.

3.  You’re wasting your money.

A smoker who smokes one pack of cigarette per day spends around $50 every week. That is at least $2 000 a year. Just imagine how much money you burn into ash by smoking. When you smoke, you don’t get something beneficial in return. Every time you buy a cigarette is like buying your own death. You are a willing victim to the deadly effects of smoking.  You don’t even get richer in your every puff. What is really happening when you smoke is, you lose your money and you lose your life

4.  You’re a slave to your smoking habit.

Nicotine is a very potent addictive substance. You can get easily hooked, but definitely have a very hard time getting out the habit. The more you puff, the more you get addicted, and the more you’ll crave for more. You lose control of yourself. It is the nicotine that manipulates your brain and dictates you when and how much you need to smoke. You become a slave of smoking.

5.  Lots of people hate smoking.

Not all people smoke. When you smoke you tend to lose your friends who don’t smoke. Because of smoking you create a boundary between you, your friends and your family.  And sometimes, smoking even causes separation and divorce among couples.




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