5 Things Women Hate about Men Who Smoke

Latest studies suggest that women are more attracted to men with high immune system. Research also show that the facial attractiveness of men is associated with the testosterone, and stress hormone.   So if you’re looking for a partner, you may want to stop and give up smoking. Not only that cigarette smoke is one of the major causes of stress, it is also among the leading causes of mortality in men. This article will try to discuss the reasons why women are more likely not to choose a partner who smoke.

Below are the 5reasons why women hate men who smoke:

 1.    They have stinky smell.

Smokers have distinct metallic smell compared to non-smokers. When you smoke, nicotine sticks to your clothes, hair and in your skin. Not only that! The longer you smoke the more tar and nicotine accumulates in your teeth and in your gums, which causes bad breath. Perfume and mouthwash can never hide the stinky smell of tobacco smoke. Surveys even revealed that bad breath and stinky smell is one of the top turn-offs in men.

2.   They look bad.

Some people say that you can easily spot a smoker in the middle of the crowd. Smokers usually have duller and drier skin; have more wrinkles and white hairs. Nicotine dries up the collagen in your skin giving it dry and unhealthy appearance. Women are more attracted to healthy and good looking guys, a study suggests. Smokers don’t look good or healthy.

3.    They don’t last in bed.

Look guys, smoking affect the normal blood flow in your body. The more you smoke the thinner your veins get and the harder it is for proper blood circulation. You manliness and performance in bed deeply depends on how efficient your blood flows in your mid section. The more nicotine in your body the harder it is for you to stand up. Some studies suggest that sexual satisfaction in women is essential in keeping them happy in a relationship.

4.   They won’t last either.

Tobacco smoke can cause deadly diseases. The longer you puff your cigarettes, the shorter you life becomes. Who in the earth would marry someone who would just die and get widowed in the early years of marriage with all the kids and debts because of hospitalization? Women are now becoming wiser when marrying. They would rather have a career than marry. Women would prefer men who are stable in wealth and in health.

5.   They spend too much in smoking.

Cigarette smoking is very expensive. Among middle earners, wives would usually complain about their husbands’ spending in cigarettes. Smokers who smoke 1 to 3 packs of cigarettes per day would usually spend around $2,000 annually.   This amount could have been spent in some other beneficial investment like schooling, and health care. Beside from the health risks associated with smoking, it is now become prevalent for couples to divorce because of the smoking habit of the other spouse. Usually wives who can’t stand the smoking habit of their husbands would file a divorce.



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