5 Foods to Help You Quit Smoking

Most smokers are well aware of the dangers of smoking and lots of them really want to give up the habit for good. Many have tried, only some were successful, and lots of them fail and went back to smoking. Giving up the habit requires more than just your desire. It needs your full determination and sincere commitment. It will be a lot easier for you to quit if you know your options and you have planned for it.

The main reason why it is very difficult for smokers to kick the habit is because the nicotine found in cigarettes is a highly addictive substance. It conditions your mind and keeps it wanting more. Smoking cessation treatments may include hypnosis, patches, prescription medication, acupuncture, etc. However, little you know that among the best method to help you quit smoking is food. Yes that’s right. Food is among the best smoking cessation aids.

Below are 5 foods that can help you quit smoking:

 1.  Milk

Not only that milk contains nutrients needed to keep your body healthy, it can also help you quit smoking. Studies revealed that after drinking a glass of milk before smoking, smokers experienced a sudden change in the after taste of their cigarettes. They observed that it has become bitter. So before puffing another stick of cigarette, you may want to drink a glass of milk first.

2.  Vegetables

Vegetables like carrots, celery, zucchini, and eggplant also give the same bitter after-taste if you eat them before smoking. Experts also suggest that eating sufficient amount of vegetables lessens your nicotine dependency. However, you may want to avoid triggering the part of your brain that is responsible for satisfaction and pleasure by staying away from sweet vegetables like corn and peas. A bowl of salad after dinner might be helpful to discourage you from smoking after a good meal.

3.  Orange or Citrus Fruits

Tobacco smoke depletes essential nutrients in your body like vitamin C. Nicotine on the other hand fills this deficiency leaving you more dependent to this addictive substance. If you want to give up smoking for good, you may want to increase your vitamin C intake by eating oranges or any other citrus fruits. These fruits contain the highest level of natural vitamin C.

4.  Salty Foods

Some studies suggest that eating salty foods help you kill the urge of smoking. You can either eat salty foods or lick a small amount of salt whenever you cravings hit. A small pack of chips might be helpful to discourage you from smoking. Just make sure you don’t eat to much chips or you may end up having kidney troubles.

5.  Ginseng

This ancient Chinese herb can do more than just cutting some loose fats in your body. Research suggests that ginseng prevents excessive production of dopamine in your brain. However, it is worth noting that ginseng should be taken with moderation. Experts recommend that you limit your intake three to four times in one month.




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