4 Ways How Tobacco Companies Sell Their Cigarettes

Every year, tobacco companies spend millions of dollars in their advertisements. Why? To encourage more people to use their products. And they seem to be successful in their campaign. The question now is – how do they do it? How can they persuade people to smoke, especially the youth? Yes, you read it right. You may not know and tobacco companies won’t admit it, but they design their advertisements to entice the youth to smoke. How?  The objective of advertisements is to create a feeling of dissatisfaction, and discontentment. So, what then will give you satisfaction and sense of fulfillment? You’re right – the product! Advertisements try to connect your fundamental needs to the product. You then develop the sense of “needing” of that product.

Advertising is a very powerful tool to encourage the public to smoke. That is why it is not surprising why tobacco companies would spend millions of dollars in their TV advertisement, movie endorsements, and print ads. And sad to say, the youth are being targeted though advertising. This is the reason why it is important that you know how tobacco companies create and market their lies to the unsuspecting youth. To them it is business, if they can encourage the youth to smoke, these means more profit in the coming years.

Below are 4 ways how tobacco companies sell their cigarettes through their advertisements:

 1.  Use of Beautiful Faces

Well, why do advertisers use pretty faces? Why would tobacco companies spend thousands of dollars to pay handsome and gorgeous faces in different industry (music, modeling, and movie)? Why is it important to make sure that they get the best faces in their cigarette ads? The accepted principle behind this technique is the understanding that “what is beautiful – is good”. By simply looking at the print ads and TV commercials, people are deceived and conditioned that smoking is good.

2.  Picture of Health

Tobacco advertisers would usually make it appear that it is healthy to smoke. How? They make sure that the models that appear in their advertisements look perfectly healthy and on their best shapes. They are trying to create a mirage of the real effect of smoking to your body. They will make it appear that it is okay to smoke, and it’s not really a health risk.

3.  Using Sports

Doesn’t it look cool that after surfing, you light a cigarette while watching the waves as the sun set? Maybe you have seen this in one of the TV advertisements or print ads of a cigarette brand. Tobacco companies incorporate physical activities in their ads like swimming, skating, etc. to make it appear that smoking even helps you to be more active.

4.   Branding

Who would forget the handsome cowboy riding and lighting his cigarette after long days work? This technique is called branding. Tobacco companies try to connect smoking with an image like, strength, power, independence, femininity, sexiness, etc. They want you to believe that when you smoke you’ll be like that cowboy riding his horse – a perfect picture of masculinity – power!

Now that you know, hope you won’t get hooked by those deceiving TV ads.



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